I'm continuously adding new projects, as well as older projects, from before I documented them with this site.

Recent Updates:

Project Collection

Commenting System for Static Sites

A File Based, Cron Driven System, for Embedding Comments on Websites

Status:Research,Design Stage
Started:Oct 08, 2021

An idea I have for a commenting system that uses statically compiled files which are gathered periodically from a cron job. Comments are kept in version control in the same repo as the website.

Stretchy, Metallic-Flake, Fitted Keyboard Cover

Commercial keyboard covers leave much to be desired, so I made one of my own design

Started:May 05, 2021
Completed:May 08, 2021

A custom keyboard cover that I made out of a stretchy fabric embedded with sparkly, metallic flakes.

The "Worthmaster" Guitar

Designing a Beautiful and Functional Electric Guitar

Started:Mar 03, 2020
Completed:Apr 27, 2021

A custom guitar designed to be best in class in terms of sound quality, materials and construction, as well as price. It uses a "fiesta red" Jazzmaster style body by Warmoth, P90 pickups by Lollar, and a 5A flame maple neck by Musikraft.

Pedalboard in Walnut Case with Patchbay

Adding a patchbay to a guitar pedalboard was an "ok" idea, but the pedalboard itself turned out nice

Started:Jun 23, 2019
Completed:Mar 02, 2020

A pedalboard that I designed and built to experiment with the concept of using an embedded patchbay to add a layer of abstraction to the signal flow of the guitar pedals