The "Worthmaster" Guitar

Designing a Beautiful and Functional Electric Guitar

A custom guitar designed to be best in class in terms of sound quality, materials and construction, as well as price. It uses a "fiesta red" Jazzmaster style body by Warmoth, P90 pickups by Lollar, and a 5A flame maple neck by Musikraft.

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There's a full write up where you can read about this project in more detail. The high level summary is that a few years ago I got injured while skiing, and wasn't able to walk for about a year, which is when I started a series of music projects. This guitar was the last of those.


Because this project was completed before this site was made, there's just the final write up.

Parts' List🔗

Here's a list of all the materials used, and their prices:

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BrandItem#Price Ea. (USD)Total (USD)
MasteryGold Bridge1$508.00$1270
LollarJazzmaster P901$257.56$1938.92
G&GHardshell Case1$244.22$2183.14
GotohVintage Style Locking Tuners1$74.86$2258
WarmothYellow Tortoise Pickguard1$44.00$2302
Gabriel TenorioJazzmaster Strings1$27.00$2329
LOXXGold Strap Lock1$26.69$2355.69
MG ChemicalsConductive Paint (Nickel)1$19.96$2375.65
FenderJM Pickup Selector Switch (Lead)1$17.77$2393.42
FenderRoller Pot Knobs (2)1$17.38$2410.8
LoviMag2” Copper Foil Tape1$15.18$2425.98
Havasu ProductsBrown Nylon Guitar Strap1$14.99$2440.97
FenderRoller Pot Bracket1$13.35$2454.32
FenderGold Neck Plate w/ Screws1$12.98$2467.3
FenderAged White Volume/Tone Knob Set1$12.86$2480.16
Bourns500K Sealed Audio Taper Pot2$12.49$2505.14
Bourns500K Sealed Linear Taper Pot2$12.49$2530.12
Pure ToneGold Input Jack1$11.09$2541.21
Fender1M Linear Mini CTS Pot1$11.00$2552.21
AllpartsGuitar Knob Puller1$10.99$2563.2
FenderGold Pickguard Screws1$9.73$2572.93
FenderJM Pickup Selector Switch (Rhythm)1$7.69$2580.62
KAISH15/32” Gold Toggle Switch Nut1$7.58$2588.2
FenderPickup Foam Strips1$7.49$2595.69
Fender50K Linear Mini CTS Pot1$7.29$2602.98
FenderAged White Pickup Covers (x2)1$7.22$2610.2
GavittPushBack Wire 22 awg (20ft)1$7.15$2617.35
Orange Drop.033 Microfarad Tone Capacitors2$4.89$2627.13
Orange Drop.047 Microfarad Tone Capacitors2$4.79$2636.71
Orange Drop.015 Microfarad Tone Capacitors2$4.49$2645.69
Orange Drop.022 Microfarad Tone Capacitors2$4.39$2654.47