Spencer Scorcelletti

I'm a Software Engineer/Architect, working in fintech, who specializes in cloud-native, distributed systems

🏠: Bologna, Italy | 🗺️: https://spenc.es | 📫: hello@spenc.es

Work Experience

Credit Karma, Inc., Jan '18 - present

Financial Tools and Services - Senior Software Engineer

Enterprise Security Team - Senior Software Engineer

Traveling/Independent Software Development, Mar '16 - Sept '17

Salesforce, Inc., Jan '14 - Jan '16

Compute Systems - Software Engineer MTS

Continuous Integration - Software Engineer MTS

Service Cloud - Software Engineer AMTS

Intel Corp., May '12 - Jan '14

PVT Post-Si Validation - Software Engineering Intern (Co-op)

Salesforce, Inc., May '13 - Aug '13

Service Cloud - Software Engineering Intern


University of Texas at Austin, Dec '13

College of Natural Sciences, Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science


Programming Languages:

Scala, Swift, Java, golang, C#, Node/JS, C, Python, Perl, x86


Microservice Architecture, SOA, SQL, RPC, GCP, AWS, Thrift, Docker, k8s, Grafana, Splunk,

Areas of work/academic interest:

Distributed systems, database design, software design, operating systems, formal specifications

Personal Interests

Making things, VW buses (1969-1979), motorcycles, sailing, music, art, writing and philosophy, and nature