Below are a collection of essays, how-to's, ideas, project write-ups, and other various letters penned by myself.

How To Create Toggle-able Menus in Tailwind CSS

No JS or Additional CSS Required.

I discuss using Tailwind CSS to create menus that can be toggled between opened and closed states with a button. However, the tutorial is also explains fundamentals in a way that can then be applied in other contexts besides just menus.

Building a Commenting System for Static Sites - Part 1.

The Initial Idea: Brainstorming and Sketching out a Solution.

I discuss the reasons why I started to think about this project, as well as a high level sketch if how I've been thinking about approaching it

The "Worthmaster" Guitar

No expenses spared. Boutique design meets boutique parts.

I discuss the design, parts acquisition, and assembly process of building a special "Worthmaster" guitar, based off of the Jazzmaster body.