Below are a collection of essays, how-to's, ideas, project write-ups, and other various letters penned by myself.

Email as a Commenting System!?

Introducing r3ply: Commenting, as Easy as Sending an Email

Fewer and fewer independent websites support reader submitted comments. One barrier is that existing designs are fundamentally at odds with what the user wants and what the site moderator needs. The key tradeoffs are between providing a convenient and respectful experience for the site visitor, while still retaining…

How to Create Toggle-Able Menus with Tailwind (Or Regular) CSS

No JS Required.

Tailwind CSS is fantastic and will probably continue to become more and more popular than it already is. Nonetheless, there's a lot of HTML/CSS help on the internet out there, and hardly any of it is Tailwind specific. So, here's how you can easily create toggle-able/collapsable menus using just tailwind.

Building a Commenting System for Static Sites - Part 1.

The Initial Idea: Brainstorming and Sketching out a Solution.

I discuss the reasons why I started to think about this project, as well as a high level sketch if how I've been thinking about approaching it

The "Worthmaster" Guitar

No expenses spared. Boutique design meets boutique parts.

I discuss the design, parts acquisition, and assembly process of building a special "Worthmaster" guitar, based off of the Jazzmaster body.